Dom Bellot leaves France in 1902 to enter the Benedictine community of Solesmes, who at that time have taken refuge on the British Isle of Wight. After a stay of several years in England and the Netherlands, Bellot moves to the Abbaye St. Paul at Wisques, near Calais, on 25 august 1928. He continues his atelier at this abbey, the atelier he started in Oosterhout, leaving behind Hendrik van de Leur, his associate, to work in The Netherlands. The Wisques atelier has been his home, until his unexpected stay in Canada in 1939. His students continued the work in France for a period, after Bellot died in Canada.


In France you can find the following religious buildings:

















Church of St. Chrysole,

Comines, France (1922-1933)















Church of  L'Immaculée Conception,

Audincourt, France (1928-1933)
















Abbaye St. Paul,

Wisques, France (1928-1931)













Church of St. Martin,

Hardecourt-aux-bois, France(1929-1932)











Sainte-Marie de la Pierre qui Vire,

Saint-Léger-Vauban, France (1931)











Monastery Tourelles,

Montpellier, France (1931-1939)
















Church of Notre Dame des Trévois,

Troyes, France (1931-1934)
















Church Notre Dame de la Paix,

Suresnes/Paris, France (1931-1934)
















Priory St. Bathilde,

Vanves/Paris, France (1933-1936)















Chapel and School Don Bosco

Coat-an-Doc’h, France (1934-1939)












Chapel Hospitalières Sacré Coeur de Jésus,

Paris, France (1935-1936)











Château saint Hubert

Seminary St. Louis,

Neuvy-sur-Barangeon, France (1935-1937)













Abbaye St. Pierre,

Solesmes, France (1935-1939)
















Basilique St. Joseph des Fins,

Annecy, France (1936-1942)















Little church of St. Bernadette

Montpellier, France (1938-1939)















Church of St. Joseph,

Annemasse, France (1939-1947)