Abbey Sainte-Marie de la Pierre qui Vire, Saint-Léger-Vauban









The abbey Sainte-Marie de la Pierre-qui-Vire was founded in 1850. In 1859 she joined the Benedictine order. Around 1905, the inhabitants of this monastery also had to temporarily seek refuge abroad. After the monks were able to return in 1921, Bellot made plans to build a completely new monastery next to the existing church. However, the existing monastery was left standing and eventually one wing of five floors high, with about 60 quarters for the monks, was built according to Bellot's design in 1931. It has been well maintained and later modernized with new sanitary facilities, for which a piece has been added.






The bottom floor is currently used for nursing care. The facade on the short side is clad with slate to prevent moisture problems. The floor height of the two adjacent building parts differs. The staircase that solves this problem is executed in Dom Bellot's typical twill arch style.











Because the monastery has been renovated and enlarged in various periods, it now consists of a mix of old and new. This is best seen in the monastery church, which has a modern facade and a neo-Gothic interior.



photo's: A.W.A. Lukassen and A.A. Lukassen, summer 2022