Monastery Tourelles, Montpellier

This monastery is made between 1931 and 1939, and is built for the Dominican monks and nuns of Montpellier: It was a so-called double-monastery. The church in the middle of the complex would be the central building, with at the one side the monks, and on the other side the nuns. But only the front of the monastery is actually built. On the photo you see this front, as seen from behind, clearly you can see the building should have three wings: The middle part would be the church.


Dom Bellot build here in a Mediterranean style, with white walls. Only at the windows you can recognize Dom Bellot. In the cloister coloured bricks were used, also typical Bellot. Dom Bellot succeeded again to build in the surrounding style.


In order to make a motorway this monastery was demolished in 1986.


We do not have photo's of this monastery. These pictures are taken from the book "Dom Bellot, moine-architecte"