His work


On this webpage you will find a chronological list of all sacred buildings of Dom Bellot. You can click on the link or on the picture for more information about the building. We have also included some pictures in the descriptions of the buildings.












St. Pauls Abbey,

Oosterhout, The Netherlands (1906-1920)













Quarr Abbey,

Ryde - Isle of Wight, England (1907-1914)












Church of St. Joseph,

Noordhoek, The Netherlands (1921-1923)



















Chapel for the Augustinians,

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1922-1925)

















Church of St. Chrysole,

Comines, France (1922-1933)
















Chapel of St. Adalbert,

Bloemendaal, The Netherlands (1922-1924)













Church of St. Gertrud,

Heerle, The Netherlands (1923-1924)













Monastery de Marlagne

Wepion-sur-Meuse, Belgium (1924)















Church of L'Immaculée Conception,

Waalwijk, The Netherlands (1925-1927)














Church of St.Theresia,

Nijmegen, The Netherlands (1927-1929)












Abbey Kraainem,

Brussels, Belgium (1928-1930)













Church of St. Mary,

Leerdam, The Netherlands (1928-1929)
















Church of  L'Immaculée Conception,

Audincourt, France (1928-1933)

















Abbaye St. Paul,

Wisques, France (1928-1931)

















Church of the Sacred Heart,

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1929-1930)













Church of St. Martin,

Hardecourt-aux-bois, France(1929-1932)












Monastery Tourelles,

Montpellier, France (1931-1939)













Abbey Affligem, refectory  (dining-room)

Affligem, Belgium (1927)















Church of Notre Dame des Trévois,

Troyes, France (1931-1934)
















Church Notre Dame de la Paix,

Suresnes/Paris, France (1931-1934)













Cathedral Nuestra Señora de los Angeles

Clorinda, Argentine (1929-1934)















Priory St. Bathilde,

Vanves/Paris, France (1933-1936)














School and chapel Don Bosco

Coat-an-Doc’h, France (1934-1939)











Chapel Hospitalières Sacré Coeur de Jésus,

Paris, France (1935-1936)











Chateau saint Hubert

Seminary St. Louis,

Neuvy-sur-Barangeon, France (1935-1937)


















Abbaye St. Pierre,

Solesmes, France (1935-1939)
















Basilique St. Joseph des Fins,

Annecy, France (1936-1942)
















Church of St. Joseph,

Annemasse, France (1939-1947)

















Little church of St. Bernadette

Montpellier, France (1938-1939)











Church of L'Immaculée Conception,

Porto, Portugal (1938-1947)













Oratory St. Joseph,

Montreal, Canada (1937-1941)













Abbaye St. Benoît du Lac,

Lac Memphrémagog, Canada (1939-1941)