Church of St. Gertrudis, Heerle


In 1923 Bellot is asked to make plans for the Neo-gothical church of Heerle, near Roosendaal, in The Netherlands. The church had to be enlarged. Bellot designes a  typical plan: A new church in a corner of 90 degrees in the old church! A new nave and a new sanctuary, with a new entrance. The plans are approved and the works started...




It's a strange solution, but the opinion of the public is mostly positif.

It is the one and only time Dom Bellot uses the neo-gothical style to build in. The new part had to match the original building. The sanctuary is the only part wich is build in the typical style of Dom Bellot. The pilars of the neo-gothical part are placed at the sides as far as possible in order to give the public free sight at the altar.




During the liberation of Heerle (october 1944) the church is badly damaged. The old sanctuary of the original church had to be demolished. The rest of the church is repaired like the way it was after the enlargement.



It is probably the only church in the Netherlands were the choir and the organist have to see the mass in mirrors!


photo's: a.w.a.lukassen