Church of St. Theresia, Nijmegen

The "Theresiakerk" (church of St. Theresia) is the only demolished church of Bellot in The Netherlands. Sadly, because it was the only concrete church Bellot designed in The Netherlands.



Designed for a lowerclass workers-area the church was located at the Waterstraat, without tower. At the front two little pinnacles decorated the church and at the side three large window-parts were placed. The sanctuary had no windows and was fivesided.




The church could contain 1200 people. This church had also the colored brick-belt on the outsidewall. The school and the vicary were built by Van de Leur and Bellot also.




In the interior the construction of the church was very clear: The supporting parts were made out of concrete. Dom Bellot used here the multi-angled arch for the first time. The pilars were placed at the sides, as far as possible and the concrete ceiling was painted by Jaap Mes o.s.b. These two things: concrete ceiling and wide nave, made the church look very open, very large.  



Due to decreasing numbers of people coming to mass the catholics of Nijmegen were forced to close down a number of churches. This Theresiachurch was one of them. In autumn 1993 the church is demolished. There is a flat now. Pictures made during the demolition of this church can be found here.


In the town-archive of the city of Nijmegen is a photo-series of the building just before it was closed. (You can find it at the name of the street "Waterstraat" )

Also the local newspaper "de Gelderlander" published about the "Theresiakerk".

(14 december 1984, 20 october 1993, 9 november 1993)



The photo's are made by M. Fransen, Rotterdam. The photo's of the interior are made during the last mass, oktober 3 1993.