Chapel Sainte Germaine, Paris



In 1935-1936 Dom Bellot constructs a chapel for the "Asile des soers hospitalières du Sacré Choeur de Jésus" , rue Desnouettes in Paris. The Asile is a nursinghome for physical and mentally disabled female adults. It is a simple chapel, on the outside made of only one colored layer of red brick under the gutter Ath the end the building contains the sanctuary and the sacristy. The front of the chapel connects to the corridor of the main building.




the left window accesses

the light to the sanctuary



south and east view of the chapel





At the inside we see stained glass windows, fetched in concrete, walls with bricks in different colors and a concrete ceiling. At least, it looks like concrete... Actually it is a canvas-like material. Probably the roof is supported bij steel frames, stretched by this canvas, so it appears to be concrete. The coloms are connected to the outsidewalls and support the ceiling. The sanctuary only has small windows at the sides. The sacristy is located behind the sanctuary.







Photos: a.w.a. lukassen en a.a. lukassen august 2011