Dom Bellot never lived in Belgium. His studies for Belgian churches and monasteries are all made in Oosterhout or in Wisques. The monastery in Kraainem, near Brussels, is drawn in his last period at Oosterhout. During the construction of this monastry Bellot moved to Wisques.


The monastery at Kraainem, the monastery in Wepion-sur-Meuse and the refectory at Affligem are Bellots only builded projects in Belgium. Bellots plans for a church in Lokeren (1928), an extension church in Brussels (1933) and buildings for the Leuven-university were never executed.












Abbey Kraainem,

Brussels, Belgium (1928-1930)













Abbey Affligem, refectory  (dining-room)

Affligem, Belgium (1927)











Monastery de Marlagne

Wepion-sur-Meuse, Belgium (1924)