The Netherlands


Dom Bellot stays in The Netherlands in 1906 and 1909 to coordinate the construction of the St. Pauls Abbey (Paulusabdij) at Oosterhout, near Breda. From 1914 until 1928 he would live in this abbey, and starts up his architecture-atelier. He works together with the Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers jr. and the Belgian architect Maurice Storez but in 1922 he continues working on his own. Then he hires the young Dutch architect Hendrik van de Leur, as a student at first, later as an associate they built together about 10 churches and schools in The Netherlands. Dom Bellot returns to the St. Pauls abbey at Wisques, France in 1928, leaving Van de Leur behind. Van de Leur completes the projects of Bellot in The Netherlands and continues himself building in the style of Bellot until the outbreak of the second world war (1940).












St. Pauls Abbey,

Oosterhout, The Netherlands (1906-1920)










Church of St. Joseph,

Noordhoek, The Netherlands (1921-1923)

















Chapel for the Augustinians,

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1922-1925)















Chapel of St. Adalbert,

Bloemendaal, The Netherlands (1922-1924)











Church of St. Gertrud,

Heerle, The Netherlands (1923-1924)
















Church of L'Immaculée Conception,

Waalwijk, The Netherlands (1925-1927)













Church of St.Theresia,

Nijmegen, The Netherlands (1927-1929)











Church of St. Mary,

Leerdam, The Netherlands (1928-1929)















Church of the Sacred Heart,

Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1929-1930)