Eugène Stassin


Born in Namur, Belgium in 1899. He is educated at the Leuven university and graduated in 1923. Maurice Storez, founder of L'Arche, introduces Stassin to Dom Bellot and he enters the atelier as architect in 1924. When Bellot moves to Wisques in 1929 Stassin follows his teacher. He would stay there until 1933. After 1933 he is working independently as an architect. He died in 1967.



Stassin designed at least the following religious buildings:


Monastery for the Benedictines on Trinidad (1935)

Chapel Misericorde in Tertre (1933)

Church Notre Dame Médiatrice in Leuven (1937)

Chapel for the fathers Montfortanen in Rotselaar (1954)




Notre Dame Médiatrice, Leuven.






Chapel Rotselaar