Chapel for the Augustinians, Eindhoven


Dom Bellot made for the Augustinian fathers of the "Kanaalstraat" at Eindhoven a new school, with a chapel. Underneath this chapel is a "salle de jeux", a room for games. The complex is very interesting, because the "salle de jeux" is arched by a concrete construction, which is at the same time the floor of the chapel. It's the first time Bellot uses concrete as a ceiling. The chapel has a ceiling made of brick, unusual for Bellot.


The arch used here is not parabolic, but a half circle, like in the Romanesque style. This half circle arch is only used by Bellot in his church in Waalwijk, and here in this chapel. Both buildings have been constructed in cooperation with the Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers jr.


Bellot worked together with some Dutch architects in the beginning of the 1920's, to get acquainted to the Dutch way of building and to the Dutch society of religious architects. After all, he was new here and had to get his own "market"... From 1925 on Bellot is working alone, with help from his student/associate Hendrik van de Leur, and his other students at his atelier in Oosterhout and Wisques.. 








Detail façade school






Entrance chapel














The stairs to the chapel






The school was a part of the Technical University of Eindhoven until 2014. The chapel was then used by the student-parish of Eindhoven. In 2016 funeral cooperation DELA became the new owner and had the complex renovated for its purposes.




Photo’s, A.W.A. Lukassen and A.A. Lukassen, June 2012