Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eindhoven



This church is one of the last churches built under the name of Dom Bellot in The Netherlands (1930). Actually it was his partner Van de Leur who was mainly in charge of the project. The plan of the church is a Latin cross, with a sanctuary without windows. This sanctuary is arched by a brick ceiling, growing out of 6 coloms, it's very beautiful to see how Bellot constructed that part of the church. The colours are missing in this church, the only colours can be seen in the arch near the sanctuary and the two colours of red brick that are used.


On the frontside is a new entrance, built in 1953 by Jos. Bedaux. To the left of the church there is a new chapel, built in "Bossche stijl". In the 1980's a new house for the parish priest was constructed next to this chapel. The bell-tower is of the same type as we see at Waalwijk: twelve sided.

















In 1953-1954 a new ceiling in the nave of the church was constructed out of brick: The original wooden ceiling was replaced by a very light type of brick. The walls inside the church were not constructed to carry the extra weight of the brick-arches, so they had to use this type of brick and this type of constructing it between the walls.


All attention of the viewer is drawn to the altar: The arch to the sanctuary is the only one witch use of colour and the 6 pillars around the altar, leading to the top, is an architectonical masterpiece.









Main altar, also designed by Dom Bellot














The altar, made out of white marmor stone is also designed by Bellot. It is re-placed on a new liturgical centre in the middle of the transepts, leaving room to place a organ for the choir.

With few means Bellot constructed a large City-church here.


The Church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus has been closed in November 2012. After several plans and many years of vacancy, the church is now used as a gym and boxing area. The interior has been removed.


Photo's: A.W.A.Lukassen en A.A. Lukassen, summer 2012