Adrien Dufresne

Born in 1904, studies architecture from 1924 until 1930 at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Beauport (Canada). He has contacts with architects all over the world: The British Giles Gilbert Scott, the American Ralph Adams Cram and Dom Bellot. Dufresne invites Bellot to Canada to give several lectures about religious architecture. Dom Bellot travels to Canada for these lectures in 1934. The friendship between these two men continues in a frequent writing to each other. Dufresne builds his first church, learning from these letters, and this church, the St. Thérèse de-l'Enfant Jésus at Beauport, looks very similar to Bellot-churches...



During Bellot’s stay in Canada, at first in 1937 and later from 1939 until his death in 1944 Dufresne tries to learn as much as possible from Bellot. His works show clearly the influence of the French Monk-architect.

Dufresne died in 1982. 



We know these churches are made by Dufresne:


Sainte Thérèse de-l'Enfant Jésus in Beauport (1936)

Notre Dame de la Paix, Quebec

Saint Fidele, Quebec

Basilica Notre Dame-du-Cap te Cap-de-la-Madeleine


These photo's are made by D. Stiebeling and taken from the homepage of the basilica Notre Dame-du-Cap.