Dom Claude-Marie Côté O.S.B.


Claude-Marie Côté was born in 1908. He is educated at the Ecole des Beax Arts in Montreal,  where he graduates in 1930. He works as a student at the atelier of Adrien Dufresne. In 1933 he decides to be a monk and enters the abbey of St. Benoît-du-Lac. Dom Bellot starts building the new abbey in 1939 and after his death Dom Côté continues building the abbey, matching the style of Bellot. In the 50's Dom Côté constructs the guestrooms, the crypt and the large bell-tower. The abbey-church has not been build by Côté. In cooperation with several other architects Dom Côté constructed several churches in Quebec. He died in 1986.


We know he constructed:


Parts of the abbey St. Benoît-du-Lac,

Church of Saint Benoît at Granby,

Monastery Saint-Augustin at Montmagny

Church of Notre Dame de Fatima at Jonquière

(shown at the right)