Hendrik Christiaan van de Leur

Born in Velzen on 12 august 1898. He was raised in Utrecht, where his education was at first MULO-B and after that the "ambachtsschool". His education was focused on waterconstructing. His teacher, mr. Sirag introduces Van de Leur to Bellot and in august 1922 he is hired by Bellot to calculate and administrate Bellots projects. Dom Bellot gives Van de Leur more responsibility over the years and on 1 januar 1929 they become associated, "businesspartners". Dom Bellot leaves Oosterhout and moves to Wisques. Van de Leur stays in The Netherlands and starts his own atelier in Nijmegen.


Until 1940 the designs of Van de Leur are closely related to Bellots work, they contact eachother many times by lettre and visits. After the second world war Van de Leur is forced to build in a different way: There is no place anymore for skilled bricklaying, because many buildings had to be restored after the demolition during the war. He designs in his own way, using more concrete and less brick, and develops his own style, matching Dutch religious architecture of the past 50 years. Hendrik van de Leur died in 1995 in Nijmegen.


Van de Leur has build 24 churches and chapels. Besides the churches he has designed over 300 other buildings, including a reconstruction of ancient Jerusalem (Via OriŽntalis) in the museum "Heilig Landstichting" in Nijmegen.





Here is a list of his religious buildings:



Church at Oploo (1929),

Enlargement of the church at Sint-Anthonis (1929)

Church of St. Lambertus at Vorstenbosch (1932),

Church of St. Francis at Bolsward (1933),

Church of St. Francis at Groningen (1933),

Church of St. Gerardus Majella at Utrecht (1935),

Church of St. Remigius at Leuth (1934),

Modification of the church of St. Peter at Berlicum (1932),

The chapel of MariŽndaal at Groesbeek (1939).

Church of OLV at De Meern (1939),

Church of St. Leonardus at Helmond (1939),

Church at Woezik (1946) ,

Church at Deest (1950),

Church at Drunen (1950),

Rebuilding of the church at Beugen, (1952).

Church of the Holy Trinity at Bloemendaal (1952), demolished

Church of St. Joseph Opifex at Leidschendam (1960),

Church of the Holy Sacrament at Nijmegen/Brakkestein (1962).




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