Bellot's stay in England starts on September 27, 1902, when he is entering the Benedictine community of Solesmes, to become a monk. He became a Postulant on October 6, 1902. He made his monastic profession on May 29, 1904. The Benedictine community asks Bellot to pick up his old profession, because they need an architect to build them a new abbey. The work at Oosterhout and Quarr started almost at the same time, and from 1910 until 1914 Bellot stays mostly in Quarr to lead the construction of the abbey. In 1914 Bellot moves to Oosterhout, where he is given permission to start his own atelier in the new St. Pauls abbey. In 1937 Dom Bellot also stays for a short period in Quarr abbey.













Quarr Abbey,

Ryde - Isle of Wight, England (1907-1914)