Dom Bellot arrives in 1934 for the first time. He is invited by the Canadian architect Dufresne to give a series of nine lectures about his ideas about architecture. This lectures are a success and are published posthumously in 1949 ( Propos d'un bâtisseur du Bon Dieu). In 1937 construction started for the completion of St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal. He travels frequently from Canada to Europe where the work continues at the atelier in Wisques and the church in Porto. His return on September 3, 1939 is blocked by the outbreak of the second world war. Dom Bellot stays in Canada, where he tries to set up an atelier like Wisques. He builds the first stage of the abbey St. Benoît-du-Lac. Some young Canadian architects like Dufresne and Dom Côté O.S.B. are influenced by his ideas and that's the start of "Belotism", the architecture movement which dominated religious buildings in Quebec until 1960. In 1941 his permit to work as an architect in Canada is not renewed. Dom Bellot died of cancer on July 5, 1944. He is buried on the cemetery of his final project: the abbey of St. Benoît-du-Lac.


In Canada Bellot has constructed:












Oratory St. Joseph,

Montreal, Canada (1937-1941)











Abbaye St. Benoît du Lac,

Lac Memphrémagog, Canada (1939-1941)